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May actually be initiated from the energy-producing processes of the basic unit of life, the cell. Interestingly, in plants and animals, including humans; the commonality in their energy-producing processes is a component of the cell called the mitochondria.

Even more interestingly, this cellular "powerhouse" is an enslaved bacteria which evolved the ability to produce large amounts of high-energy compounds, e.g., ATP. This extra energy subsequently powered cells to evolve into multicellular aggregates and then into fully functional organisms.

However, the price for this extra energy is high in that its byproducts can be toxic, triggering disorders if allowed to continue at a high rate. Working perfectly, we’re healthy and happy. However, as we age, mitochondria may begin to malfunction, making cell processes less and less effective. Why? Possibly because they were bacteria. This, in turn, prompts a range of health problems typically associated with aging, like Alzheimer's, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, thickening and hardening of blood vessels, obesity and Parkinson's diseases.

Through the use of our therapeutic, MG004, the mitochondria can be manipulated—restoring the body to a healthy state. MitoGenetics’ goal is to use MG004 as a medical solution for these mitochondrial changes that have been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction and to the progression of diseases.