Alzheimer’s Disease

We have completed the behavioral and NfL testing for Alzheimer’s Disease. We contracted with Charles River Laboratories to study in vivo efficacy in the APPSwDI/NOS 2-/- Transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our results show that APPSwDI/NOS2 2-/- mice manifest typical hyperactivity and learning and memory deficits around 11 months of age as expected. The 5 months daily p.o. treatment with MG004 significantly reversed hyperactivity in open field test and learning and memory deficits in radial arm water maze test in APPSwDI/NOS2-/- mice around 11 months of age.

Plasma NfL results demonstrated that MG004 statistically significantly decreased NfL levels in treated male CVN groups. These results suggest that MG004 treatment has beneficial effects on disease phenotype observed in APPSwDI/NOS 2-/- mice.


Type 2 Diabetes

MitoGenetics contracted with Charles River Laboratories for a study using Zucker rats, to determine the effectiveness of MG004 on glucose levels. After 14 days of treatment, the mean triglyceride level dropped 42 percent. After 28 days of treatment, the mean glucose level in the Zucker rats dropped from 175 (diabetic) to 100 (the normal range)


The trial indicated an outstanding potential for the MitoGenetics compound to assist in managing or controlling Type 2 Diabetes and several other mitochondrial diseases.

This process has demonstrated positive outcomes on several beneficial gene expression patterns that are related to therapeutic actions needed for several mitochondrial associated disorders.

Additional research has led to the understanding of how MitoGenetics’ compounds affects the expression of genes and gene groups. This process has indicated positive effects on several beneficial gene groups that are related to positive therapeutic effects on several mitochondrial diseases and inflammation.